Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's Freezing Here

As We Await the Next "Weather Event" 

In the 20's here again. I honestly don't remember a stretch of winter in a long time that's stayed below freezing for so long. I judge that by my water hose going to the horse's water trough. I did get to use it once within the last month or so, but otherwise, it's frozen.

In response to Muriel's suggestion that I hire someone to do the barn work--it's a great idea, but not yet in my bank account. Perhaps in a year or two when some other financial issues resolve, I might be able to swing it.

Taking care of the Boys is generally not too hard. Feeding is a cinch. Carrying the feed to the bin in the barn from the truck is only a matter of feet since I back the truck up to the feed room door. Right now, my hay man stacks my hay, so for me, it's a matter of pulling one bale at a time over to the barn in my little hay cart. I've often even made that easier by breaking the bale apart in the car port where it's stored and carting just the flakes I need.

Stall cleaning is perhaps the biggest job to do.  Usually, though, the Boys don't spend a lot of time in their stalls, so they don't get too dirty.  Right now, they could use a good stripping, though which does take some effort. If we didn't have the snow, I'd pull the tractor up to the stall doors and completely eliminate the wheelbarrow effect.

A winter like this is hard. The snow makes everything less accessible and means I have to shovel paths and clear the areas I need to work in.  I can officially say I hate snow....

Funny when how we were kids, a snowstorm was a wondrous event.  My Dad did all the plowing with his tractor, so I never had to worry about that. My older brother did most of shoveling, so I was left to play in the drifts.  I remember once slipping off the bank in the front of our house had having to have my Dad pull me out as I nearly vanished into the deep snow.

A big thrill would be to to down the road by the turnpike bridge to see how high the road crews had piled the snow a the side of the road. It used to drift to badly up there that the big machines would often get stuck.  We have some pictures of snow piled 10-15 feet high in places.  Due to a Christmas tree farm up there and a warehouse, the topography has changed and it doesn't drift into the road the way it used to.

Thanks goodness.

My fever seems to be largely gone, but the congestion lingers on. I'll call my doctor tomorrow. Not sure much can be done, but I surely am tired of this annoying sickness.


  1. on the hose front - get it indoors, and empty it every time after trying to remember to do that myself, it worked for us last winter (just putting it in empty stable, after draining all the water out)

    glad the fever has subsided, at least...sorry to hear you're having the deep freeze now...

  2. Glad you're a bit better. There apparently are heated hoses that you can plug in - don't know if that would help.

  3. Snow is a challenge for all but kids, big and little. Sometimes I think it's better to live where it's really cold and snowy so everyone is set up for it. It's harder in places like NJ and England where most of the time you can get by just waiting it out.

    So glad your fever is gone!

  4. I'm with you, I remember being a kid and having such fun sledding and ice skating. Now not so much. There really is a lot of work to do to keep a farm running in this weather.

    Glad you're feeling better but I'd still give the doc a call. Maybe there's something you can take to speed the healing process along.

  5. ((((HUGS)))) I hope you get better soon.

    Yes snow was fun as kids, much less as grown-up. I still enjoy it at ski resorts ^-^ but NOT in everyday life.

  6. on no, snow and sick too, that really sucks. Hope things warm up and you feel better.