Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Pics

OK, So Some of It's Pretty

I went out to fix the mailbox and took the camera to get some snow pics.

I just posted a whole bunch at random.

Tucker was up to his knees too, and he's  16.3 h.

The piles by the garage are nearly six feet high at this point.  At least the driveway is open, but I'm not sure the car can navigate it.  Four wheel drive and the truck are my planned mode of transport, at least for the next few days.

I suppose there is a certain cruel beauty in nature.  If we didn't have to clear the stuff out of the way, I might actually appreciate how it all looks.

I ended up nailing the mailbox to the post platform instead of using screws.  If it gets knocked off again, I'm going to have to rebuild the platform anyhow and probably get a new box.  It feels pretty sturdy now, but it'll never stand another blow from a plow or errant driver.


  1. Beautiful pictures if we didn't have to clean up afterwords. Like the mailbox fix.

  2. As my Grandma used to say: "Pretty is as pretty does." *G* I am getting truly sick of all this "pretty" white stuff. Green is my favorite color!

    I hoard that orange baling twine. It is vastly superior to the other colors of baling twine!

  3. From the perspective of not having to shovel, it is beautiful. Send some our way, we are sooo dry.

    I do love the mailbox! A classic fix by a horse person.

  4. lovely and depressing at the same time, isn't it? if we none of us had to go anywhere but could just sit admire it....

  5. Very pretty, from a distance. I suggest a few well placed boulders around the mail box.