Friday, September 28, 2007

Waiting for the Heat to Go Away


Bought some Purina Ultium feed for Tucker. It is low starch, high protein, the kind recommended for horses with Insulin resistance.

I also have an analysis of the hay I feed, so I need to ponder that a bit. If he does have a sugar problem that makes his muscles tight--this too from Patrice--then I will do all I can to remediate that too.

Apparently, there are also supplements that help sugar metabolism, so I will look into them too.

He does like the ulcer medicine and comes over to me to get it.

Toby has been watching carefully. I guess he thinks Tucker is getting a special treat and he's not. I do intend to try some of the medication with him too as he is a cribber, but right now, Tucker and the results are the experimental priority.

Chance is an interesting fellow as far as the herd goes. Sometimes he's right in there with the big boys and sometimes he just kind of wanders off by himself. "Low man on the totem pole," he does get picked on, but he really doesn't seem to care too much and is perfectly ready to stand up for himself if need be. He has a quiet kind of self-confidence I have rarely seen in a horse.

I sure hope this weather breaks and stays broken so I can get some good riding and training in. By now Chance should be much further along and I have a ton of work to do to get Tucker up to speed--and second level.

Makes retirement look awfully good. Just imagine how much I could ride--or talk about not riding--if I didn't have to work every day.

Someday in the not TOO distant future.

(Minky, I posted my email in the comments on the previous post.)


  1. Will Blogger let me post? I could not yesterday at my grand frustration!

    I watched your photos from teh show, nad my first thought is WHAT A BUM, Tucker's not yours ^-^

    Woah what a powerfull boy! Are you sure he is a TB???

    Great pics. You both looked liek you were working hard ;-)

    But very nice to see you in person.

  2. My bum could be a bit smaller, Muriel. *G*

    He is definitely a papered Thoroughbred. 16.3 hands.

    When I adopted him he was a skinny little yearling at about 15.2 or 15.3. I think I gave him too much fertilzer....*lol*

  3. If your school year doesn't settle soon you may retire next Thursday...HAHAAH