Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Leg Yield Photographed

The photos from the show are available on line.

The disputed leg yield is there! How could Tucker be crossing his left hind over his right if he were not going sideways? Can't do anything about the score--not that it really matters-- but I am vindicated.

Will try to post a link to the photos later. I do have to laugh. Tucker is working in a very lower level frame, but he is engaged--good, frame not--but the expressions on my face and my body language!! *gasp* If ever you saw a rider working HARD to get a horse going, well, it is painfully obvious the ride was far from easy.

Still, it really, honestly is OK. Now that we seem to have uncovered the physical root of our troubles, we should be well on our way for the future.

He is a pretty boy.

Web address for the photos:
Use my email address to sign in and "deans" as the password.

Please don't laugh too hard. It was not one of our better days in the show ring. But, remember, the goal was different this time. *S*


  1. make an official complaint about the judging ... she can't be allowed to get away with that, who knows what else she might be making a mess of?

  2. I could, but it was a schooling show...even if it was the championships. Not sure any association rules would govern the decision.

    Protest time should be within, I think, 30 minutes of "discovery." I didn't get the score sheets till after the show was over.

    Might write my local organization to inform them, however. Let me think on it.

  3. You guys look great together..I have to see you live!! Are you going to the Fresh Ponds event on Sunday at 3?

  4. Whats you email address Jean so I can have a look..cant wait to see Tucker!

  5. Minky--just be aware, Tucker is not working anywhere up to his potential in these classes. It was all I could do--as you will see by the grimace on my face and the dreadful contortions my body was going into that it felt like it was all I could do to get him going--he was SOOOOO relaxed and lazy. Anyhow: password:deans

    Still, he is cute and kind of fat.