Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time Off Again

After the Show and Beyond

Of course, both Tucker and I took the day off after the show.

Now, we took today off too because IT IS MISERABLE AND HOT AGAIN! And tomorrow promises to be worse yet. We are talking upper 80's f to 90 f with humidity! Yuck.

Now that I have wilted from my hot classroom, I have to go back tonight for Parent's Night. We did have a half day of classes so I went out shopping for....well...clothes.

The school is having a school colors day every Friday in October and, while I have black clothes, I really don't have any orange....black and orange....yuck. Well, I did find some nice things at really good closeout sale prices in a local store, so I'm now all set. One skirt, on sale at 60% off, is black with some simple orangey flowers and other flowers in a very delicate pattern. I will be able to wear it with other tops besides the orange one that was also on sale for 60% off. Found some burnt orange capris as well, so I am ready for anything.

Came home in the heat to feed the Boys and the kitties and now I am cooking a little dinner before heading back to school.

I left the windows open and the fans on in my classroom. Maybe it will cool off a little.

Dreading tomorrow, though.

Thunderstorms on Thursday should break the pattern and cool things off.

Perhaps before I melt?????


  1. I'm melting what a world what a world... Don't melt only wicked witches melt...Then I'll have to refrigerate you!!!

  2. Hot hot ..whats that!!
    Its freezing here today;(