Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nothing Horsey to Report

Except for the Tree Branch

I was busy all day Tuesday, the last day of my vacation. I did some chores, bought grain, and spent a good while picking up a load of hay.

Had a meeting to attend that evening and it was a hot day, so I opted out of riding.

But, fate intervened in my time schedule when another big branch fell off the apple tree breaking another fence rail. Not only did I have to drag the branch off with the tractor, but I had to pick up dozens and dozens of apples so the horses would not eat them all and get sick. Then, I had to fix the fence.

Tuesday used up.

Today, Wednesday, was the first day of school for teachers. We had a long morning meeting, and then I spent the bulk of the day trying to find my classroom keys. My former vice-principal had stashed them away. He has since become principal of the special needs part of the building, moved his office and lost track of all the keys he'd stashed. Until he found them, by somewhere around 2 PM, I hadn't been able to unlock my desk where much of what I needed was stored.

Ok, then my classroom computer simply would not load Windows. The classroom printer would not work because the computer controlling the network in my lab was on the fritz, and just about every copy machine in the building wouldn't work.

Great way to start the year. I did manage, about a half hour before the end of the day, to run off copies of the materials I needed to introduce my students to my class rules, so I can at least get the basics done tomorrow.

Got home, fed the Boys and needed a nap before heading out to another meeting--this one on the flood study report in the State Park behind my house.

Stopped at the supermarket on the way home to get some food for lunch tomorrow, fed the Boys late night snack and now I'm here, reporting to you.

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