Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Talk to the Horse 2

Second Conversation

We spoke to Tucker again tonight. He seems quite pleased with how our ride went and equally pleased with the longlining session we had earlier today. (Monday)

We told him as well that we needed to work together as if we were alone and at home when we are away from home—just the two of us, as if there is no one else there. He said, “Yes, OK.” Of course that’s easier said than done, but at least he knows what we should do.

He is still not happy and really angry about the idea of someone else riding him to get him over this plateau in his training. He wants to just do it with me. As Jeri says, he is really “pissed” about the idea. He said, “Did someone ever do that to you to get you past something?” When he was told I too had been pushed, he said, “Like that?” Truth be told, I have been pushed like that at least mentally. He does have a point. It is something to think about.

I also had Jeri ask Toby to help explain “forward” to Tucker. It is something he understands really well and he was very willing to “talk” to Tucker for me. He beamed when we told him what a good lesson horse he was, but was even more pleased to hear that we would be doing mostly fun rides into the woods as soon as the darn bugs are gone for the season. Jeri asked him if there was anything he needed and he said, “Water on me and in me when it’s hot.” And, get this, “apples in the water.” Does that mean he wants to go bobbing for apples? I’m going to drop a few in the trough to see what happens on that one.

Chance seemed really happy to hear from me. Jeri explained what we were doing when he was surprised by the contact. He was pleased to hear he had a “forever” home with me and doesn’t at all appear concerned about his size. He is a cheerful boy and said he really likes the “adventure and fun” of going out into the woods. He understood about the bugs and said, “Oh, mama didn’t like them either.” He also said his leg problem was from a kick. I am a bit puzzled about that because he said, “Mama and I got in the way of a kicker and we both got some. Mama protected me and she was very angry.” He said the kick was high up.

It has been many years—he’s 4 now—since he was with his mother. So that is not why he was lame now unless there is an old chronic injury there and he either banged it or got kicked again here. He does say he can kick back now to protect himself, which he does, and he knows how to stay out of the way of a kicker. Well, maybe this time he didn’t, or perhaps he banged himself some other way. Otherwise, that really didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Since I didn’t fully explain it to Jeri, it might be that she just didn’t ask the right questions, which is fine, because in the end, Chance seems to be feeling fine now.

He said he wanted “rubs, hugs and carrots,” so when I went out for late feed, I gave him some of each. He really is a sweet, cheerful kid.

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  1. I have to say I'm still sceptical. Didn't stay up and watch the programme about a UK communicator that was on our channel 4 at some ungodly hour the other day,and forgot to set the video as well ... but I gather that was very sceptical , or rather the voice-over person was...