Friday, September 14, 2007


After an Almost Headache

Woke up with a bad neck and a headache on the way.

So, after I fed the Boys I lucked out with a morning appointment at the chiropractor and set out. One thing led to another as far as shopping trips went afterwards.

Then I came home to a message that my truly kind choir director/accompanist had managed to make a CD accompaniment for a song I am going to be singing at a birthday party tomorrow. So, after lunch, I headed out again.

I met James at Best Buy on that trip and we had a nice chat about his incomparable accomplishments restoring the headstone for the Titus Farm. He is still on a well deserved high about that and apparently is making great progress at getting cooperation from the Township in clearing some brush so he can start the search for the headstone's base and its proper location on the farm.

Then, I headed out to Don's house to pick up the CD--which was a perfectly edited and orchestrated version of the music I needed enhanced with orchestra and a better tempo than the MIDI file we were using.

I had a cup of tea there and a really nice visit, discussing all kinds of curiosities and watching the great little birds at Don's and Dawn's feeding stations.

On the way home, I had a battle with the ATM machine trying to cash a check, taking up another good chunk of time so that by the time I made it home, it was time to feed the Boys.

I opted out of riding due to the still fragile condition of my neck and head, hoping to save myself for tomorrow's lesson. Instead I gave Tucker a nice long lining session.

There were moments that he really looked great when he carried his head up and and his body balanced. But he easily overbends and goes a bit low in the lines when he decides to slack off a little. I finally ended up with the right outside rein run through the surgingle ring to my hand and the inside left rein under his chin and out of the surcingle ring altogether like a regular lunge line. That way, I could get it to act quickly tugging under his chin to encourage him to lift his head. The outside rein kept him on the bit for the most part so that by the end I did get some pretty good and correct work where he was elevated rather than behind the vertical.

The best moments of all where when Toby and Chance took off in the paddock by the ring and Tucker lifted up his head on his own in excitement. Wow! He was light and airy in the front and his shoulder was really up. While it did look a bit scary--as it was bordering on overexuberance, I must say it looked great!

That is exactly the kind of energy the best dressage horses put out without ever exploding. I'm not sure I'd feel safe riding on that "brink" of excitement, but if the horse is really trained, then a good ride can contain it and shape it into a super performance.

Someday...maybe...we might get there.


  1. Now that sounds like a good day for all!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOAW Aren't they great when they collect naturally ?

    Good for long-lining, it can be tricky. But I think it really helps teh horse to work without the weight of the rider interefering.

  3. Self carriage from excitement - spectacular!

    I saw Zip do it in the field today and thought " it looks great but I wouldn't want to try sitting on that!!"