Saturday, September 08, 2007

It Gets More Bizarre

How To Solve Overcrowded Classes?

How about moving me to another room, where there is more room?

One of my supervisors even suggested that perhaps during those two overcrowded periods I could travel to another room to teach. So, here in the twilight of my career with two bad knees and all my materials, books etc, in one room, I should become a "cart teacher" touring the school building trying to find a place to light?

And moving altogether? Well my computer lab had better come with me along with the bathroom just across the hall. I am getting too old to tolerate much less.

My students will just have to sit at the workstations for the duration or until someone finds an appropriate solution. It just strikes me that moving the problem to another location simply does not do a thing to solve the problem. The fact is, that 30-31 students is just not sound educational policy. I can certainly teach that many, but why should it be necessary?

It is just poor planning in the schedule. Someone should have looked at the number of students enrolled before setting a schedule to put them in classes.

Any well, it's just another example of what's been going on for years. Should I have ever expected anything else?

Did I ride. No again.

It was very hot all day and I ended up with a headache. I went to the chiropractor, came home, fed the Boys, lay down for a nap, and that was that.

It really didn't cool down all that much anyhow. And today, Saturday, it's supposed to be up near 90F again.

Today, as well, I am going to the Gathering for Native Americans honoring the Bethel Mission for Indians at Thompson Park and then a picnic at a friend's house. Swimming pool there, so I hope to get into the water for a while.

The heat is supposed to break a bit tomorrow and next week. Good thing as I do have that show on Sept. 23.

Meanwhile, the Boys are hanging out in the barn standing by their fans.

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