Monday, September 10, 2007

Steam Heat

Still Hot After All These Days

It occurred to me to get up early this morning and perhaps lunge a horse.

It was like a sauna at 6 AM. It never got better.

School was horrible. My kids are great, so that was not a problem, but the heat made me miserable all day. The morning was the worst and I was hot and sticky by 10 AM. The temperature was in the high 80's F (87-88) but the humidity made it feel much worse. According to the Weather Channel, the predicted humidity was 90% and that without its raining.

It's now going on 8PM and I haven't ventured back out since I fed the Boys. I will see how it feels around 10 PM or so and if it's bearable, I will at the very least lunge Tucker for a little while. I simply cannot ride when the air is too thick to breathe.

I do have two doctor's appointments on Wednesday, so I opted for a sick day. I made both appointments earlier in the summer and one of them was the very first opening my doctor had. (My eye doctor, Claire, for a regular eye exam and perhaps a new prescription.) This is, however the same doctor who took the thorn out of my eye on an emergency visit. He is apparently very popular. My friend called him for an appointment and couldn't get one until October! Eech. Still, I know he will see me if I need him for emergencies.

Then, school is closed on Thursday and Friday for Rosh Hashanah. I didn't know then when I got my appointment so I have inadvertantly given myself a long weekend. I have some really good lesson plans for the substitute teacher on Wednesday, so I feel pretty sure my kids will be fine.

Gabriel is coming on Saturday for lessons, so I certainly hope to ride Tucker several times before then. I really want to see if he behaves any differently in the lesson now that Jeri has communicated with him. But, some prior practice would really help.

If only it were cooler!!! I simply can't handle this heat any more.

Oops. Didn't I say that in a previous post?

Maybe I should just copy and paste from now on.


  1. Shannon is teaching at Memorial School off Ryders Lane and no AC there. She was pretty moist for most of today. Not sure how much longer you can tolerate this silly stuff sounds like your near the end of the rope.

  2. i thought all american buildings had air con, i'm wrong again! that's what preconceived notions do for you.

    ridiculous, no one can work in those temperatures!

  3. I discovered recently that I have a genetic abnormality that causes a syndrome with a host of tiny and seemingly totally unrelated things - one of them is that I don't tolerate heat at all well. So I don't envy you your current weather one tiny bit Jean.