Saturday, September 22, 2007

That's Better

Clear Head, Good Ride, Sort Of

I had to go back to the chiropractor this morning to get another adjustment to finally clear my headache. Thank goodness I have a way of treating my problem without all kinds of medications that simply block the symptoms and don't cure the cause.

It rained in the early afternoon, doing nothing to cool things off and adding horribly to the humidity. When I went out to ride at around 6, even though it wasn't super hot, I was soaking after the first 2o minutes of getting ready to ride.

I kept Tucker's schooling session short, sticking to a 10-15 minute warm up and then a ride of both the tests for tomorrow. Good thing as I had completely confused the movements of Test 3. I generally don't have problems remembering the tests so I was a bit surprised I had that one all jumbled.

Aside from his being convinced that the horse eating monster had now moved out of the wooded area at "C" into the pasture at "A" the rides went pretty darn well. The big problem is that both tests have canter lengthenings and trot lengthenings ending at the "A", actually "K" spot in the arena where Tucker was visualizing the monster. There is nothing quite like trying to end a lengthening at either gait with a BIG spook.

By the time I got to Test 4, I just cut off the pasture end and rode it in 3/4 of the full ring.

I guess the wild turkey that wandered out of the paddock into the pasture must have been either etched in Tucker's mind or else acutally lurking somewhere in the hedgerow. Oh well. Once Toby and Chance ambled out to the pasture to graze, Tuck decided that if they hadn't been eaten, perhaps there was no reason to spook after all.

Suffice it to say the ride had its moments, but the positive element was that aside from the spooks, Tucker made no move to NOT move. No ears back, no balking, no swishing tail.

All in all a good ride on day #3 of the Ulcergard.

So, if his shoes stay on in the damp grass overnight, we'll see how Day #4 progresses at the show.


  1. sunday afternoon here - hope it's all going ok at the show!

  2. I'm going to be VERY interested to see what happens with the ulcer theory. Apparently there are far, far more horses with them than we realise.


  3. Nice, It looks like his ulcer med is working.

    Good luck for your test!

  4. How'd it go then??