Sunday, July 01, 2007

Three Cheers for Bug Armor

And Soprano Soloists

James's daughter Shannon sang at my church this morning. Her redition of "Let Us Break Bread Together was soaringly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift of music she has. I hope we can encourage her to come again and sing for us.

After church the choir director, some choir members, James and I all went to lunch. The company was its usual stimulating self and we had a grand time. James has so many interesting stories to tell about his research and he kept us all fascinated. Here's hoping we can work out something to he can share his insight and knowledge with the school systems in the area.

The weather was perfectly gorgeous today as well. It was warm and sunny with low humidity and just a delight. James and I toured the Brainard Cemetery at the church for a while too and he showed me where he believes the possible slave cemetery area is and we also walked through the oldest area of gravesites where some of the tombstones date back to the 1700's. History is rich there and some of the carvings and inscriptions are really interesting.

When I finally got to the horses in late afternoon, I decided to risk a trail ride. I did want to see how bad the flooding was in the back of the park, so I decked Toby out in the Cashal Bug Armor and off we went. I give the mesh covering an A+++++ because it really does keep the flies at bay. I am not sure about the mosquitoes because since the spraying there has been a remarkable drop in their numbers. But, Toby was fine even in the woods itself as we toured.

There is plenty of water back there, more than I expected. The vernal pond is full as well. I do intend to go back to see if there are any signs of fish in the water which would be a really bad thing for the amphibians that normally breed there. All in all, it is ecologically disturbing to see how wet it all is.

After the success with Toby, I decided to try a ride with Tucker. He hasn't been out since earlier Spring, so this would have been a bit dicey even without the danger of bug attacks. Well, I am pleased to say he was nearly an angel. He jigged a little bit and tried to balk at the sight of the cornfield--after all, those green stalks might be hiding horse-eating monsters! Otherwise, we had a pleasant, cool ride together.

When I got back, I lunged Chance for about two minutes to see how sound he is. I think I see a little unevenness, but he seems to work out of it. I am not going to ride him until I am sure he is OK, but so far, being out with the other Boys has not seemed to be a detriment. I guess time will tell.

I cleaned up around the paddock and then hitched up the drag to the tractor and groomed the ring and paddock area around the barn. It's not quite done as I really need to mow the weeds, but if this weather keeps up, I'll easily get that done this week.

I'll be driving up to Pawling, New York on Thursday to do an Ansur saddle demonstration and consult and I hope to have a lesson with Gabriel on Friday.

Looks like a busy week ahead, but at least I have conquered the attack flies with my Bug Armor. As I said, three cheers for Cashel!!


  1. photo of horse in bug armour?

    over here, lots of people put fly sheets on in the field, but i've not seen one ridden in the same...

  2. Yes, I will have to take a photo.

  3. Kamakazie flies? Three cheers for the armour...