Thursday, July 05, 2007

Soggy Not Boggy

A Rainy Thursday Evening

I had a rehearsal for a duet this morning. I forgot about it, thinking it was scheduled for Friday until Florence called me to ask me where I was. So that got started an hour late.
We worked for quite a while on the music and afterwards decided to go to lunch. Teddy's is a down home restaurant in Cranbury, and the food is all home cooked. Stuffed cabbage was on the menu and with mashed potatoes, it is one of my favorite "feel good" meals. Both Florence and I ordered it and we were totally entralled with it. However, neither one of us managed to finish the portion completely even though we both made a valiant effort.
I headed home to do a few chores before my chiropractic appointment to fix the "tree branch head bashing" after effects. Physical therapy and the adjustment took up the afternoon so that when I got back home it was time to feed "The Boys." And the cats.
Herewith a set of cat portraits:

Top left to right:
Church, DJ, Reggie, Buddy, Scooter and Cats on a couch.

Ok, so much for the kitties.

By the time I was ready to work the horses, it was showering.

I decided to lunge because that way, with a minimum of gear, I could get ready and, if it really began to storm, get back in the barn quickly.

Toby, aside from being bothered by flies eager to get a meal before the rain really started, was his usual wonderful self.

Tucker was a good boy too, especially when the rain started to come down in earnest during our session. It eased up about 30 seconds before I was going to call it quits so we finished up successfully.

I took Chance out for about five minutes just to see how he looked. He MAY be a little off in the hind end but it was hard to tell as the flies were back at it and he was fussing with them. I will not ride him for at least another week and then only if I think he looks 100%.

After the workout, I was pretty wet, so I cleaned the stalls and gave everyone an ear of sweetcorn as a treat.

Then I took a shower and here I am, blogging.

The nice thing is that, as my heading says, despite the rain, the ring is not at all boggy. The footing is really nice. I guess the rain, though steady has not been heavy enough to overstress the ground's ability to drain.

Tomorrow I am riding with Gabriel in a lesson and his student, Bonnie will be riding Toby for a lesson.

Stay tuned for that report.


  1. Tomorrow sounds interseting I look forward to the after report on the ride.

  2. so how many cats you got?

    james, thought you were the historian amongst us?