Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Busy Day

Courses and Horses

I taught part one of my workshop on Photo Story today. I would rate it a success, but we will find out tomorrow when the teachers who took it evaluate everything.

I came home, made a few phone calls, fed the Boys and got another phone call. The woman who had taken the lesson on Toby before was not going to do it this time, so Tucker was the only one who needed to be trailered to the indoor. I offered to take Kelly's horse over, but her dad will trailer him over tomorrow morning and I will trailer him back home with Tuck tomorrow sometime after my lesson.

Clearing up all that confusion took a while. Then I called one of the people involved in the warehouse battle across town and had another long chat.

I suppose it was just as well since I managed to avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic when I finally did take Tucker to the barn with the indoor. I have been taking lessons there with my trainers for a while now. As a matter of fact, that is where Kenny Harlow helped me break Tucker to saddle for his first ride. Many of my lessons are indoors as it assures us we can get a scheduled ride in in case the weather is bad. When a trainer is traveling 4-5 hours to come teach, you need the insurance of a good roof over your head.

So, I settled Tucker into a stall, gave him some reassurance and drove back home.

I turned on the Township Planning Board meeting to catch up on the warehouse situation, grabbed a quite bite to eat and headed for the Township Municipal Building. It is now after midnight and I got home from the meeting about an hour ago.

Summer vacation? Not me. More like summer busy-ness.

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  1. summer busy is better than summer bored, though....

    hope the lesson goes ok.