Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rain and Sun

In That Order

Monday was a virtual washout. It poured most the morning and when it finally stopped in the late afternoon, the ring was waterlogged.

I spent the better part of the day getting my workshop materials ready for the Photo Story workshop I will be teaching tomorrow and Thursday.

This morning, I polished up a few details and took my handout and my computer files to school. I needed copies of the handout and the files loaded on the computers the other teachers and I will be using during the workshop.

The graphics arts teacher was there so I got nice copies in full color. That will be great as the materials I am using shows the screenshots from the Photo Story program and it really helps to see the directions exactly as they look on the computer.

The general idea of the workshop is to first teach the teachers how to use the program, then get them to create an actual lesson for their class using the program, and finally, to inspire them to come up with ways to have their students use the program for class.

That done, I dropped over at the shopping mall to look for a pair of Skecher shoes my Aunt was interested in. I lucked out on a shoe sale, and found a pair for her and one for me. When I took them over to her house they fit her beautifully and looked really nice. So that was a success.

I finally went out to ride Tucker as evening drew on. It had been moderately hot during the day, though not too humid, but by evening there was a nice breeze. We had a good ride. I did dozens of transitions, and just concentrated on keeping him forward. The biggest problem I have with him is that if I use the rein too strongly in a downward transition, and he stops, I am in big trouble. He plants his feet and will not go forward at all. If then, I use too much leg, he will rear. It does get scary sometimes. I am working on it, but I'm not sure he will ever quite grow out of it. He simply resents being overcorrected. Temperament....temperament.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be trailering both Boys over to the indoor for the lessons on Thursday. We were going to have Gabriel come here to teach, but the possible heat, possible rain, and definite bugs would all have been problematic. Pat, the barn owner, has three empty stalls and she offered them to Kelly and me to keep our horses in for the night so we could take the lessons indoors. Kelly's friend, Laura, will not be able to take a lesson this time, so it will be Kelly's horse, Toby, and Tucker for lessons. Kelly's dad can trailer her over and I will take my two Boys.

That will leave Chance alone for the night and day. I don't think he'll be too upset. At least I hope not. He is fairly independent and the last time I left him to take his elders to a lesson, he hardly took note when they came back home hours later.

I'll just make sure he has lots of attention from me and plenty to eat.

He'll probably enjoy not having to worry about competing for the vittles as Tucker is always trying to find a way to steal his.

Ah, well. Every day is a new adventure.

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  1. Busy day Thursday have you been doing indoor before? I don't remember indoor lessons before.