Monday, July 09, 2007

Morning Workout

Early Start

I was up at about 7:30. Not early during the school year, but early for summer vacation.

It was fairly pleasant out, but I could feel the oncoming heat. The sun was behind the forest trees, so the ring was in the shade.

I decided just to lunge and was going to just work Toby as he's the one I need to get fit. Two different applications of bug spray finally convinced the more voracious woods flies to leave us alone and we managed a nice little workout.

I then decided to lunge Tucker. I had him all rigged up only to find that he was missing a front shoe. Rats!! The Patrice Edwards clinic is this week. I called my farrier and left a message, but I included that even though the clinic was tomorrow, I wasn't desperate. This time, since he is moderately fit, I could simply take Toby instead.

Patrice works mostly on the rider, focusing on how position and the application of the aids affects the horse. So, it's not essential that I have Tucker there. As it now turns out, the idea of getting Toby fit enough to give lessons to Bonnie was a really good idea because now he can do some work for me. Patrice does not work the horses hard, especially in the heat, so if he goes, he should be fine.

With Tucker nixed out, I rigged up Chance and took him out for a little lunge. I kept it light, but he looked sound. This week's weather is supposed to be really hot and humid until Friday, so I have no intention of stressing anyone. I will lunge him lightly, and perhaps, by Saturday, get back in the saddle.

I visited my chiropractor this morning to find, wonders of wonder, that the bulk of my neck problem was muscles rather than vertebrae. This is really a good thing because it means I am holding my adjustments. The less my bones go out of place the better.

The swimming should help even more.

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  1. I bet the swimming will do you great good. My wife has arthritis and when she swims it is very soothing for her.