Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Advantage Home

Humid Day

I have no idea where the hours went this morning.

I got up a little late and went out to feed. I then cleaned all three stalls and spent another two wheelbarrow loads cleaning up under the run in shed. By then, I was soaked with sweat.

Back inside I took a shower and ate breakfast. Then I did some computer stuff...and....well, just generally wasted time. I did activate a new cell phone--Tracfone to replace the one I MAY have lost, but how long does that take?

Somewhere the hours flew until it was time to go to the chiropractor for a minor adjustment and my physical therapy.

Sad to say, the thunderstorms have brought in more humidity and, from the forecast, a nasty heat wave. It was definitely not pleasant out by afternoon. When I got home, my telephone rang. This was the dead line yesterday. It was a Verizon technician apologizing that my service had been out and now it had been fixed. That means I no longer have to be here to wait for the repair guy tomorrow! Yippee! If it as hot as predicted, I may go see a movie, get my hair cut and go for a swim.

Meantime, the title about the advantage of home. I have no barn hours!

I have just come back in from lunging Toby and Tucker and it is just after midnight. It was dampish out but pretty cool, so it didn't feel too bad. Both Boys went very well for me and seemed pretty happy to work. I didn't need the ring lights either because the full moon was bright enough that I could see.

I am also pleased to report that I managed to fly spray Chance with a minimum of fuss. Now that my farrier started him off on the spraying, I have been trying it a little every few days. At this point, if Chance has treats in his feed tub, he stands quietly for the spray all over his body. He is still a little nervous if he is not distracted with feed, but overall this is an enormous improvement over his previous somewhat dangerous panic at the sprayer.

Since I am using Endure which really lasts, I don't have to spray him every day, so his acceptance has come with just a few applications.

Chance watched me lunge the older Boys, so I get the feeling he would like to do some work himself or at least reap the attention of being worked. He still has a couple weeks to wait before I begin his training again, so he will just have to be a spectator for now.

If I am not a totally lazy wretch, I will get up early in the morning and ride. I do need to take Toby out to see how the park flooding looks so that's a short trail ride for him. Then, I would like to work Tucker a bit in the ring.

Stay tuned. It's not too many hours away.

Presuming I get up.....early.....

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