Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Independence, Picnics and Fireworks

No real horse news as I frittered away the morning and suddenly realized it was time to go to Jonathan's annual barbeque.

This is at the house/farm we are trying to preserve just across the park from my house, but I drove over as the walk would be too much for my knees.

I spent the better part of the afternoon there sharing good food and good company. James was there early on with his son, Chris and we had a grand time. And yes, Claire he is a big Monty Python fan. So the Python jokes and comments peppered the conversation.

Later, Dan, Alicia and Dan's dad, Bill showed up and I had fun talking with them. I was, however, rather brisk, so say the least. July 4th in New Jersey and people were wrapped in blankets. I'd rather it be cool than hot and humid, but this was exceptional.

I left early evening, came home to feed the Boys and by then, the sprinkles of rain had started. Just enough to give me an excuse to watch old movies on Turner Movie Classics rather than riding.

When it was dark, I was drawn outside by the thunder of fireworks on all horizons. I hiked out to the pasture rather then driving up to the Turnpike bridge where the view is even better. But I was treated to much of the Jamesburg fireworks display and glimpses of about five other displays on the eastern side of the world. I could hear the South Brunswick display thundering to the west, but from my vantage the trees were too tall. Had I driven up to the bridge, I am sure I would have seen it too.

The rain held off here until the displays were done and then it began to shower. So, all in all, I guess God was smiling on the celebrations around here. Though a bit chilly for July, the weather was actually lovely with a cool breeze and no bugs. I didn't get bitten once in the 20 minutes or more I spent in the pasture watching.

The Boys didn't seem interested. They were hanging around the paddocks near the barn and the ring. I know Toby and Tucker have seen the displays before, but I don't know about Chance. Of the three, he might have been a little more concerned, but he was really pretty quiet about the whole thing.

Could be too that all the recent thunderstorms have acclimated the Boys to the noise of fireworks. When you think of it, the heavens do a pretty good job of lighting up the sky without man's intervention.

Wish this weather would last for riding, but it sure isn't to welcoming for swimming.

Ah well.

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  1. Yes I am a big Monty Python fan I borrowed my bother in laws boxed set which has all 45 episodes of the Flying Circus. I used to sneak up late and watch them on PBS when I was a young lad. Needless to say I started my day today with a lot of smiles on my face.