Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still Hot

I Surrender

The temperature was more moderate today, but the humidity was up, so I decided not to work the horses.

Actually, I spent most of the morning and into the afternoon at rehearsal for Sunday's duet and lunch afterwards. By the time I was home again, it was nearly two and the heat was on. The horses agreed as they were just hanging out inside the barn.

Note. Inside the barn. In the aisle. I had accidently left one gate into the barn aisle open and the Boys had quite happily gone into the aisle and generally trashed the place. I think I saw Chance's hoofiwork in the affair as numerous blankets and sheets were scattered about. The grooming tools were all over the floor with a few items crushed. One of the sponges had a big hunk out of it--which I did find in the clean up so no one actually ate it. It was quite a mess.

The saddest part was that my farrier's helper had done a lovely job of sweeping up last night and the floor mats looked so nice the morning. Horse poop and debris ruined that so I had to start all over and clean up again. *sigh* The Boys are just like partying teenagers when they get the chance to frolic. Ah well, it did force me to get rid of a really torn up blanket and some unrepairable fly sheets. So there was a plus.

Glad they had a good time entertaining themselve while I was away.

Stacie emailed me to tell me apparently Patrice Edwards surrendered to the heat as well today and probably canceled some of her lessons. I was wondering how she was holding up. England has been cool and wet, so she is certainly not acclimated to the kind of heat we have been suffering. Now I don't feel so bad about canceling yesterday as it gave her a break in the afternoon. I certainly hope she is OK and recovers quickly. If she can't teach tomorrow, I will be disappointed, but her health and well-being are far more important than my lesson.

A noisy thunderstorm has just passed through here and supposedly we will have more storms over night to bring and end to the mini-heat wave. If anyone has been following the news, the US West has been suffering temperatures in excess of 100 F for days. I have a horse friend who moved out to Las Vegas last year so I really feel for them. The only plus for them is that, unlike New Jersey, they do not get the humidity we have which makes the heat much more unbearable. Even so, temperatures of 116 F are miserable no matter how dry it is.

Well, the horse blog has turned into the weather blog.

Sooner or later I'll get back to the horses.


  1. Hello,

    Your boys do sound like teengers LOL!
    Regarding the weather, ours has been really weird. We should have 100 degrees F with lots of humidity everyday. BUT it had like thsi just for a few days, then now it is "cold" well, cooler ... BUT we keep having thunderstorm or very violent wind, but resally really violent wind, so even if the temperature is pleasant, we cannot ride, b/c of the wind.

    *I* prefer heat and humidity, b/c we ride early at 7 am, than the wind. The wind gets to the nerves of everybody : human and horses.

    Many horses have cough or cold at our yard due to the big changes of temperature.

    This weather is very weird ???

  2. Haha! Playtime!!! Don't they just love getting somewhere they aren't allowed and trashing it :-)