Friday, July 20, 2007

Beautiful Day

And What Did I Do?

I fell asleep. I didn't sleep well at all last night, so I ended up napping into the afternoon after the Tour de France finished for the day.

Did I tell you I was "addicted" to the Tour? Somehow I just can't help watching once I turn it on.

When I did go outside, I took to the trimming of weeds, branches, and general all around green stuff encroaching on my ring and barn. It was a mammouth task and not totally done yet.

I have a DR trimmer which works fine until the string trim hits the fence--which it does everytime I try trimming out there. The other problem is that some of the weeds are pretty thick so the string can't handle them either. I have a weed whacker as well, but again, some of those weeds are pretty tough.

So, I took to the hand clippers.

What is it about getting rid of an annoying weed that is so pleasurable? I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed. I ended up with about five pretty good piles.

By then, it was dusk, so I decided to long line Tucker. He settled in nicely and worked onto the bit in a matter of minutes. I did a lot of canter trot transitions on both reins, an got him working really well.

The best part of it all was how lovely and cool it was outside. I have the windows open in the house now and it feels great! The screens keep the bugs out, and the cats in.

We should have a few more days of low humidity so I can get some more outside work done.

Nobody who ever owned a house and land has an excuse for being bored.

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  1. have to watched "belleville rendevous" otherwise known as the "Triplets of Belleville"? if not, get it.

    i've just spent a week with another american Tour freak (one of the house party we were in in the south of france) and recommended it to him as well..