Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hot Sunday

Strange, Blogger is not letting me put a Title to this post.

Well, the first line says it all. I got up a bit late, and fed the Boys at around 9 AM. After I did the barn chores, I came back inside and as I ate breakfast, I turned on the TV.

Ooops...Tour de France. I have become kind of an addict over the last few years, so sure enough, I watched. By the time Robbie McKewen had crossed the finish line in a brilliant sprint to win the stage, it was already too hot outside to do much with the horses.

So I waded back into the disaster of clothes in the bedroom and began making more of a dent in my sort and organize project. There is still plenty to do, but I am making headway.

The Boys seemed to think hanging out in the barn with the fans blowing on them was a good idea, so I don't feel too badly about not riding.

Later in the afternoon I headed for the swim club. Crystal Springs is a big swimming complex in neighboring East Brunswick Township, just two roads north of mine. There is a lap pool, two family pools, a kiddie pool, water slides, and a lazy river where you just kind of float around the outside of the other pools on plastic inner tubes.

Because it was Sunday, the place as packed but I managed to find a parking place close to the entrance. Once in, I headed for the lap pool. There, jumped in and began swimming laps. After 12 lengths of the pool--25m, I think--I went to the lazy river to drift around a few times. Then I went back to the lap pool and swam another 8 lengths. Not bad for the first time out.

My sore shoulder bothered me at first, but as I exercised, it seemed to get better. It may be that swimming will be the best therapy for it. My neck is OK today, no headache, but I definitely need it adjusted.

As Claire has pointed out, I do go to the chiroprator quite often. Sometimes, though, I go for over a week before I need an adjustment. Then, I have these episodes when I need to go two or more times a week. Fortunately, I have a health insurance policy that covers the visits. I am very lucky that way.

All in all, I only go when I am really having problems. Usually, it's a lot better when I am riding regularly. This weather is not good for that.

All I have to do now is get up really early tomorrow.....before the ride....really early....

We'll see.

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