Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three On the Lines

Beautiful Day

So everyone worked on the long lines.

I am hoping Chance will get the concept of giving to the bit and stretching down under saddle if he has a few lining sessions. Today he was bouncing up and down with his head until he got a little tired and then he settled nicely into a little frame.

All was well until I put him on the right rein. The trot was OK, but when I asked for canter the temper tantrum started. He'd bounce up and down, stop and try to turn. Fortunately I've long lined enough that I can usually catch things before they get too bad. I eventually managed to keep myself a bit behind him on the circle using the whip to remind him to go foward when he tried his balk and spin tactic. He does have a stubborn streak, that's for sure and he tried his little jam to a halt trick quite a few times before he decided it was better to do as I asked and do a complete circle at the canter.

Part of the problem is his getting physically tired and part is his getting mentally tired. The total lining sesson was no more than 15 mintues, but at 3 years old, that probably was an eternity to him. I have to push him a little beyond his limit each time to increase his strength and concentration.

It was hot today, so after the session, I hosed him off and it's clear he doesn't like that either. Oh well, it's all part of his education. At least he was nice and clean.

Tucker was excellent on the lines and gave me some good solid work. He was nice and forward and very sharp to my commands. He worked up a good lather so he too had a bath--not his favorite, but he will accept it as part of the program.

Toby was, as always, the long lining star. He was soft, forward and completely obedient, ending my horsey day on a high note. He had a hosing too, so I locked him in his stall for dinner as I did the other Boys.

When I got home from my EVA meeting, Tucker and Chance were lying in their stalls, sound asleep. I felt a little guilty turning on the barn lights. That got them up, but their eyes were all squinty and sleepy. They were so cute.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. James and I are supposed to be interviewed on a NY radio station in the morning, and a bit later, a NJ TV station is coming to film a segment on the farm.

The stir caused by the article in the Times just keeps boiling.

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  1. the more stir the better? hopefully you'll end up with the desired result!