Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ah Well.....

...Lazy Me

I didn't work a horse today.

The adult cosmetology class was open after school and I needed a haircut, so I stopped in. It's always a kick having a student cut my hair. Even though they are nearly ready to take the State exam and quite competent, they are so cute and unsure about haircuts, especially mine. They never quite believe me when I tell them...."very short."

My young lady was doing a pretty good job, but she finally called the teacher over to help out and was surprised to find out I really did mean "very short." The teacher, a good pal of mine, has a funny story about one time when she was cutting my hair, demonstrating a "razor over comb" technique, and looked away for the briefest moment. When she looked back, I heard, "Uh oh!" She had trimmed the back of my head way too short. The only solution to even out the almost bare spot was to shave my head close all in the back. Well, it was very hot that June and I absolutly loved it. Ever since then, she has no worry about the length of my cut.

I didn't get home until going on 6 PM, so I fed the Boys and kind of crashed. Guess I am still recovering from yesterday's whirlwind.

The Boys do seem to love the new hay. So far, every scrap is getting cleaned up. I am not completely sure the bales are as heavy as the bales of the other hay, or that the price is a good buy compared to the grass/timothy mix my regular hay supplier sells. Once I get the little trailer set up for the road, I will go to my regular guy to pick up a few bales of his timothy/grass mix to see how it compares in price, size, and horselove. No sense in getting the expensive hay if they will happily eat the other stuff.

My trainer, Chris, was supposed to be coming down this weekend for lessons, but now he may not be because there may not be enough riders to make it worth the trip. I was looking forward to having him meet Chance and watch us together for a little mini-lesson. Right now, that's all up in the air.

Guess the kid and I will just have to keep on doing our thing by ourselves. No problem, but it would be fun to have a second opinion. Watching Chance on the long lines, I really think he is going to be a nice dressage horse. He has a nice forward trot and good rhythm to his canter. He really does look pretty when he drops down into the bit. I am kind of excited with what I see.

But then again, I love him, so my eyes may be a little starry when I watch him go. *G*


  1. when my daughter went to Collier I let her cut my hair. I was scared to death but I handled it the kids were so excited because I was the only willing dad.

  2. um ... what's cosmetology? sounds like what they're doing is training to be hairdressers if they're cutting your hair, but possibly with beautician training as well? is that about it?