Saturday, March 24, 2007

Never Go In The Tack Store During a Sale

But I Did Anyhow....

Actually, I went back to get some more grain and alfalfa cubes at 20% off. Then I also bought some seed for the pasture at 20% off. No problem there. All that was legitimate.

The trouble was that I decided to visit the tack store across the street from the feed store--both the same company with the 20% off sale.

Honest. I was good. Sort of. It seems Kerritts had designed these prototype breeches with some really grippy seats and'd like them, Claire. And instead of being $109, they were on sale at $30. So I had to try them on. And they fit. So, I had to buy them. And there were horse treats on sale at two for one, so I had to get them too. I had to. Honest.

When I got home, the prospect of unloading another 700 pounds of grain was a bit daunting. I played with the computer for a while, watched a movie and then went out to try out the breeches.

Stuck like glue. They would solve your slipping problem in a minute. I schooled Tucker for about 20 minutes or so, just basics to keep him nice and forward. Patrice had told me Thoroughbreds muscle up quickly and even my regular trainer, Chris, thinks 20 minutes of good work is better than an hour of OK work.

The ring was not great. There were mud puddles all over and enough sloppy spots to make Tucker pull his "I am a sissy" routine, but he did work just fine everywhere but in the water, so I won't complain. He is definitely more forward than he has ever been and is not hanging back from my leg. If I can keep up this momentum, I think we will be making some really good progress this season.

Since I knew the trails would be really wet and the ring was not the best, I opted out of riding the other two fellows.

I am going back to school tonight to see the play again. As much to support the teacher and all my kids who are in the show. They really love it when their teachers take the time to show up outside of school time for them.

This time, I will just try to sit back, relax, and appreciate the intellectual challenge of the script.

Hey, at least I know where the best seats are!


  1. We've had them for ages over here Jean, they're called sticky-bum breeches :-)


  2. These are called Stick tight F-Low rise, but I'd bet they are the same thing. Not quite sure I love them, but I do like the concept. I need to ride in them a few more times.

  3. yeah, we get sticky bums here' but USD 30 is GB15 .... do they come in large? (I'm currently US 18, horrid) but possibly worth the postage from teh states, haven't seen any that price over here!!!!!

  4. jean, i'm going to email you ...

  5. Sticky-bum britches...Love it..TEE HEE