Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Long Day Ends in a Ride

One Thing After Another

James and I were on the radio this morning, WRL1600, a station in New York City.

Everyone says we did a good job. The questions were tough as the hosts really did want to know why no one had stepped to yet to preserve the farm. I frankly don't have an easy answer. There are all kinds of forces at work and forces not at work all at the same time. The big issue comes down to money. The developer wants a nice profit and the public justly does not want to offer more than the land is worth.

During the interview, I covered most of the fight for preservation questions and James did his usual brilliant job of fielding the historical questions. When the listener called in one person suggested that it was a good idea to develop the land, suggesting the slavery issue should be buried under asphalt and new homes. James was super on that one, reminding the listener that like the Holocaust, slavery must be remembered as a lesson of history we must all never forget. It was the perfect moment.

The interview evoked some interest from some very important people but as of now, I don't know where we will be going with their involvement. At the moment, people can best help by calling, emailing, and writing the Governor and other public officials who might be able to facilitate the land purchase.

Later Bill, James, and I were interviewed and filmed for the New Jersey Network television station. This was quite an experience and now I can add to my resume that I assisted as a TV production assistant!

Actually, I stood in for the camerman's absent intern and held a reflector which helped divert sunlight to light up our faces during the interviews. I found it all fascinating.

The whole process took over two hours. Lots of film, lots of talk and all for a two and one half minute slot on the air. They may try to get four minutes instead as everyone agreed it was a really great story. Guess we will have to wait and see as it may not air until Friday.

On the way home, I picked up four bales of hay from across the road to see if the Boys liked it. It really is lovely hay and so far they have gobbled up the flakes I gave them. I will be careful as it is not like what they have been eating, but it might be a winner. We'll just have to see if the novelty wears off.

Since I had given Chance a fairly good workout yesterday, I gave him the day off and just schooled Tucker. He was again nice and forward and worked nicely off my leg. Again, I put him into a frame and worked him a little on the bit. It was only after I was nearly done that I realized I had never buckled his noseband after bridling him. He was a little strong in my hand, but certainly not out of control or unresponsive, so I was pretty impressed. Evidently he is not setting his jaw against my hand.

All in all, Tucker is turning into a very interesting ride. He tries very hard to do as I ask, but will be very quick to let me know if I have, in his opinion, treated him unfairly. If I make too strong a correction, he will sort of "scrunch" himself up, lay his ears back and refuse, for a stride or so, to go forward. Once I pat him and apologize, he will then go along as if nothing happened.

He does not like to repeat exercises too many times, and usually doesn't need too as he picks up things very quickly. While he does tend to anticipate, he is not anxious about it and does not overreact the same way Toby and PJ used to do. He doesn't jig or get tense about it but simply offers the exercise before I ask and is perfectly willing to change tasks if he finds out that is not what I want him to do.

I am hoping that as we build a bond he will become a steady, reliable performer. Right now his big flaw is tht tendancy to spook at unexpected objects. While he doesn't hold on to the spook once he realizes it's OK, the stop can be jolting and often gets his feet glued to the earth for far too long as he considers things.

Maybe he'll grow out of it. And maybe he won't.


  1. No wonder I could not get you on the phone...Next time I'm coming over and track you and those Follywoods down...HAHAAHAHAH

  2. tv stars as well.

    glad you had a good day all round!