Monday, March 26, 2007

I Really Mean to Work the Horses....


But I may not.

So far, my day. The school board candidate I am supporting dropped by to bring back the reading glasses I'd left at her house and as I was putting up her campaign sign a lost tractor trailer stopped to ask how to get to an address on the next road south of mine. He was now headed in the wrong direction and there is absolutely no place to turn around on my road, so I tried to figure out how to get him where he wanted to go.

Managed to leave on time for school. Second period, my prep time, I went down to the auditorium area where the play was being performed for our other two schools. Chaos. The kids were being terrible and the performing arts teacher was a wreck worrying about her actors. I stayed for two periods helping out as best I could and offering her moral support and a sane voice to try keep her calm.

Ah, yes, I had also written my letter to the principal about the mess last week and that cheered everyone up a bit knowing I was going to battle for justice.

Morning gone. Gave the test to 4th period since they'd missed it the day of the play because no one had bothered to assign a substitute teacher to my class. Periods 5 and 6 went down to the auditorium to take a tour of the set and tech stuff from the play--all graciously hosted by the performing arts teacher who is an absolute angel to teach my kids after her horrible morning.

My 8th period kids had heard all about the article in the Times, so I explained the whole story to them and then taught them how to write a Haiku.

Then I had to rush off to the doctor to get another laser therapy treament for my knees. Kind of neat, actually, so it will be interesting to see if there is any really significant improvement.

Then, I came home to find two messages from the local papers about the letter to the editor I had written regarding the school board election. Then, I called Bill to find out that the Times story had kept him hopping all day with phone calls and all kinds of email messages. To top it off, we found out that James and Courtney, the reporter, had been contacted by a Philadelphia radio station to do an interview tomorrow morning! 7:30 AM broadcast at: Way too cool!

Then, the phone rang and it was the guy I had called about a utility trailer he had for sale on the next road over--south where the tractor trailer was supposed to go. He wanted to know if I was coming to buy it. So I unhitched the horse trailer and drove the truck over.

Of course, buying things in the country does require some socializing, so we all kind of stood around and talked for a while. He and the woman with him were SPCA officers, so that was really cool. We talked horses for a bit and then dogs when the guy who owns the house on the corner came out to join us with his labrador who had been a breeder bitch for the seeing eye people.

Then we hitched up the trailer and I managed to drive it home without any trouble--no lights on it because my wiring hitch didn't match.

By now it was getting late, so I fed the Boys. Once fed, they couldn't work for at least an hour, so as time crawls on and the sun sets, I haven't managed to do anything with any one of them yet.

I do have lights. Do I have the energy?

Tomorrow it's supposed to be warm and sunny. Sounds good. So does supper.

Maybe not tonight.......

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  1. Yes Jean that is exactly the kind of day we had and thank god for days like it, it makes all the work seem worthwhile.