Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fickle Weather

Toby stands for a portait.
Tucker "The Tank" Poses

So We Had a Portrait Day!

First it was windy. Then it was sunny and still. Then it clouded over and started to snow. Then it was cloudy and windy. Then it was sunny and windy. Then it was sunny and still.

All of this weather over and over within the space of a few hours.

The ring footing was lovely but I decided not to ride. Instead, I decided to lunge everyone and try to take some pictures. The formal poses aren't bad, but the action shots leave something to be desired. I held the camera in one hand the the lunge line in the other.

So, without further ado and many blurry legs, here are The Boys!

Tucker at the canter and Toby at the trot.

Chance poses and Tucker and Chance trot alongside each other.....well, at least on the blog.

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  1. i think they're pretty good!

    and i think i'm right about finding where you are