Monday, March 12, 2007

Beautiful Day...

...And I Bummed Out....Sort Of...

Went to the chiropractor this morning as my back was out. Yesterday, when I was lunging Tucker over the jump, he galloped on and I was too far back to stay with him without running. Since my knees do not let me run, I was pulled sharply forward in a kind of twist as he turned and I had to let go of the line.

Poor Tuck cantered on a few more strides and then came over to me all worried that he had done something wrong. He hadn't. It was all my fault, as I promptly told him He was much less enthusiastic on the last few jumps, being very polite so I had no more trouble.

But, I think I pulled my back out then. Either way, I was sore enought this morning to need an adjustment. Yep, my pelvis was out, as were a bunch of vertebrae in my shoulder and neck area.

Fixed. But, after school, I had an appointment with my knee doctor for some laser therapy. Interesting. I could feel the little cells getting all active in my knees when the red light hit them. A little heat coursed through as well. If it helps, it will be great. Theoretically, it can help inspire the stem cell therapy to add cartilege and the prolotherapy to tighten my ligaments. I have nine more treatments to go, so we'll see.

The upshot? I was home a bit after 5 PM, which was the old 4 PM before the time change to Daylight Savings Time (weeks earlier this year), so I had plenty of time and daylight to ride.

Instead, I picked the stalls, then picked the riding ring--it's part of my turnout area--while the Boys were eating, and finally decided that after all the money I'd just invested in doctors to keep me sound, I'd bag the riding for the night.

I have to go to a meeting later anyhow, so that's even more lame excusing for not working anyone.

By the way, have I told you lately that Chance is adorable? He is very curious about everything I do in a friendly, non-intrusive way--unlike Mrbuttinsky Tucker. He just has such a sweet personality. He is really quite a handsome boy and I have hopes he is going to be a really nice horse for my golden years.

And he is golden. I can't wait to see his summer coat. I have a feeling it's going to be pretty.

In the meantime, the shedding blade is getting a lot of exercise.


  1. How in the world do you care for, ride, and maintain 3 horses with bad knees and a even worse back and no help in site. Not to mention teaching , church events and community service projects. What are you, Superwoman???

  2. women with horses james, that's what we do, isn't it jean (although tbf i've only two, and only look after one day to day the other being in a retirement home...)

  3. Claire said it all. That's what horsewomen do.*G*

    I've been putting up with the knees for years, so I'm used to that. The other aches and pains go away with a good adjustment.

  4. Please tell me it's not easier than taking care of a man!