Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Testing, Testing......

1, 2, 3....

And one more day to go!

Today the inspectors from the State were at school to make sure we were following all the rules. We were, but everyone in charge was so totally uptight that it was a most unpleasant morning.

Security for the State test is very strict, as it should be, but sometimes people just go overboard with panic when someone is watching.

Meanwhile, my regular classes are all awry. The students are not getting the work I left done, and I can't quite say they are on their proper, best behavior when I am not in the room. If any reader here has ever had a substitute teacher in class, you will well understand what I mean. The less said the better.

However, since I used to do a lot of subbing when I was in college, I have always been supportive of any sub in my room. Thus, all required assignments are going to count for double credit. This is not going to do a lot of grade point averages much good.

Too bad. These kids are college prep, so they are responsible to be responsible for their own work at all times. If they chose not to do it when I wasn't there, so be it. Their choice, and they pay the consequences.

Just like the two kids today who had cell phones in their possession during testing. I will give them credit that neither one of them actually used the phones while the test was in session, but both of them foolishly pulled them out of their pockets while they were still in the testing rooms. The tests had been collected, but the iron clad rule is that no cell phones were allowed in the testing rooms.

One of the guidance counselors had visited my classroom and every 11th grade classroom at least twice to explain the rules about phones and what the consequences would be. Each day before the test the kids were reminded and someone came to each testing room to collect and hold any phones the students might have. Again , the consequences of having a cell phone in the testing room were stressed.

All that, and these two boys still had phones. The teachers in charge had no choice but to report them. That meant that all the work they had done on today's test was voided. They will have no opportunity to make up the test this year.

And oh, the excuses. One kid said he had to call his mother because we had snow today and she would worry about him. The other kid said something about how he had to get a call about two friends who had died. They absolutely felt justified in breaking a rule that had been stressed over and over.....not our rule, but a State mandated rule.

Somehow, I managed to grow up just fine without a cell phone to contact my mother at any moment. I guess the age of instant communication has changed the ability to get along without one attached to the ear.

And rules? Only for the few?

Not this time.

Can you tell? No riding? Bitter cold, snow. Need I say more?

The Boys are fine. Plenty of hay, nice heated water tub, warm blankets, and shelter if they want it.

And, oh yes, a nice bag of carrots to share.

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  1. over here the parents would probably be whinging on about how an exception should be made for their child .. bah.

    and i agree entirely - we did manage without, and our parents didn't panic nearly as much as today's parents seem to ...(you can tell i've never been one!!!)

    distinct lack of brain cells there ... but not a lot you can do, short of physically searching everyone as well!