Saturday, March 03, 2007

Drying Out Already

Now We're Getting Somewhere

Today I dragged the ring and leveled the footing nicely. There were only about two wet spots, amazingly enough. One is by the in gate--that's a new one--and the other one is where the water usually collects. Otherwise the footing is really good.

However, my right knee was really painful when I schooled Tucker. I rode him in the ring for about 25 minutes and then at his request, we went out on the trail for another 20 minutes or so. As good as the ring was, the trail was bad. The ground was very muddy even in the woods and very slippery. Tucker was very careful, though, and once more won a gold star.

His ring work was good too. We didn't do too much that was challenging or new, though. I did a few of the canter pirouettes and some spiraling in and out at the canter. He was pretty amazing about keeping his canter stride on an eight meter circle--a volte. Other than that a few canter walk transitions and some nice trot work and we had a good ride.

I was going to ride Chance and Toby, but my knee was really bothering me and I still had to unload the 14 bags of feed I'd bought earlier. So, instead, I fed the Boys, unloaded the feed and started to work on cleaning the back porch. I want to let Mommycat out there first, let her find the cat door so she can go outside or come inside as she chooses. I have kept her in the sunroom ever since she was spayed over a month ago, but she hasn't warmed up enough to me to make me think she really wants to be a house cat. However, with the back porch fully enclosed, she can have the best of both worlds if she so chooses. I'd like her to think of the house as her home whenever she needs shelter. If I get the porch properly cleaned up--it is currently a disaster area of a mess--then Mitzi (Mommy) can enjoy its shelter whenever she wants to.

I hope tomorrow is as nice weatherwise as today so I can finish up my little project. Monday will be cold again, but after that the temperatures are going to moderate enough that Mitzi can be outside again. I think she will be happier that way.

Oh, meant to write about the dead mouse I found on my living room floor. I guess the little critter had been in the basement. I surmise that one of my brave house kitties hunted him down and then carried him upstairs as a gift. I made all kinds of delighted noises about how happy I was to have a mouse of my own and disposed of him out of kitty sight and hearing.

Nothing quite compares to having animals in your life.

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  1. dead on in the front room is MUCH better than live one in the bedroom in the middle of the night ...