Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nothing Much....

...To Report, Yesterday

I was so exhausted from the week at school that I fell asleep on the couch at 6 PM. And I paid for it with a stiff neck and the beginning of a headache. So it's off to the chiropractor today at noon.

The testing is over, thank goodness. Recovery will take a few more days since my classess were all messed up by the schedule changes. Most of the kids finally did turn the work in, but they are going to lose credit since they didn't do it when they were supposed to. I am sure there will be complaints, but I have to support my subs and make the students understand that they must be responsible whether I am there or not. College professors will expect no less and better they learn now than after they have paid hundreds of dollars tuition for a course.

When I got home yesterday, Tucker was soaking wet with sweat. Apparently, he had been running about and frolicking before I got home. Chance was a little damp too, but nothing like Tuck. I guess he had to make up for being locked in the day before.

This morning I swapped them all back over to their lighter sheets. The temperatures are supposed to warm up considerably. I still want them "dressed" so they stay a bit clean. There is not much I hate more than trying to groom mud and hair off shedding horses this time of year.

Hopefully, I will be able to ride later.

Tonight I am going to a beef dinner at the Township senior center. That should be fun, or at least interesting. I really don't know tons of people in the Township because I go to church in Cranbury and spend much more time in East Brunswick where I teach than in South Brunswick. Still, I have met people at Township meetings and some library events, so there should be someone there I know aside from Debra Johnson, whose election campaign I worked on.

I generally enjoy meeting people. The key is to ask people questions about themselves/interests and to be a better listener than a talker.

All in all, it should be fun!

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    is it, but she still hasn't posted.

    one thing i've never done is fall asleep on the sofa; been very close, but not there....and these days i don't use our sofa, it kills my hip/back.

    all the people will be curious to meet you i expect...