Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Cold, as Predicted

Once in a while, I wish the weatherman was wrong. It just seems the forecasts are getting more and more accurate with all the technology available.

Which means that it was terribly cold and quite windy today. Well below freezing temperatures from the Arctic torment us again, and this time a storm is coming across the country to bring us some snow. Not much is predicted but the timing stinks. It's supposed to start tomorrow morning, snow all day, and leave several inches just in time for the commute home from school.

I don't generally mind driving in the snow by myself. It's all those other people on the road who don't drive the way I do. It is very nervewracking with some of the heavy traffic we have around here. Hopefully, the plows and salt trucks will keep ahead of this storm and the roads will be clear. Time will tell.

The testing is not going too badly. My proctor and I are managing to work well with each other taking turns with time out of the room. Since we only have 24 students, we do not have to have two supervisors in the room at the same time, so during the time it takes to complete a part of the test, either she or I can take a break.

Still my teaching and class schedule are so messed up it's hard to keep track. I left a quiz on a film for one class, only to find out that they probably never got to see the end of the film as I thought they had. My first period class tried a few "take advantage of the substitute teacher" stunts today and I think I caught all the perpetrators, but that too took time I just didn't have to waste. Heaven knows what's going on with my 4th period as I haven't seen them at all. They took the quiz, and most of them did pretty well despite not seeing all the film, but I had to adjust the scores to take the problem into account. Hopefully, they will see the ending tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I need to get an issue of the school newsletter out and I haven't had a second to work on it. I have essentially lost all my preparation time this week. Friday will be my first chance to work on it, and I found a note in my mailbox that a parent has scheduled a conference during my prep time! Swell.

Since I don't have the software I need at home, it's a lost cause.

And, I have to file all my notices to parents of student progress or lack thereof by Friday as well. It all goes on the computer, so the imput is easy, but when am I supposed to do that?

I raced off to the knee doctor right after school today and I have an after-school meeting tomorrow as well as a dinner meeting of my community group, so I can't even be noble and stay after hours to get the jobs done.

I had about 8 injections in each knee tonight--stem cell therapy to help regrow the cartilege, and prolotherapy to tighten the loose ligaments. They are a bit sore now, but over the next week or so I should feel better than I have in the last few months. Fortunately, I don't have to go back unless I need to, so we shall see.

In the meantime, I will be having some laser therapy on my other aches and pains over the next few weeks.

Ain't modern medicine great? So many options. So much money. Mostly paid by insurance--maybe. That battle is yet to come.


  1. Dear god 8 injections each? You are so much more manly than me, I would have been hysterical!!! Did you say dinner meeting? Maybe I won't have to stop home for dinner that's a help!!

  2. ah! a new visitor jean?

    that all sounds a nightmare

    of course, we have the NHS so don't have to wrestle with insurers to get treatment; but, we don't get such advanced treatment i don't think. But i think i'd rather have what we've got ... you've got too much big business tied up in your healthcare to get anything like our NHS through.

    odd, you've got snow coming and i've just taken molly's rug off...