Monday, February 26, 2007


That's All I Can Say

Put down an inch or two of wet snow on semi-frozen ground, and then add some rain, but not enough to wash the snow away. Bring the temp up to just above freezing, so it stays soggy. Then for the night, chill things off.

Slop. Slush. Frozen slush.

Next day, bring the temp up to well over 40 f and what will you have? MUD! Slippery, slimy mud. Gee, I can't wait.

Tucker will have to stay in so he doesn't lose a shoe. Chance is unshod and Toby is usually Ok. I just feel badly about Tuck. He is a good boy about staying in, thank goodness, but I can't imagine it isn't frustrating for him.

I can only hope the ground thaws out enough that the ring footing is bearable. If so, I will turn him out there when I get home from school. As well, if most of the snow melts so ice is not a problem, and it goes back down to freezing at night, he can go out then to stretch his legs.

Need I say that I did not even consider trying to ride today?

Times like this, I miss boarding where there is an indoor handy. But, I always felt riding was an outdoor sport, so I guess I will stand on principle and remain a victim of the weather.

I can't quite figure out the herd dynamics here. My aunt who lives next door tells me that out in the pasture, Tucker and Chance are bosom buddies. Tonight, when I came home, Chance and Toby were hanging out together and Tucker was in the other paddock by himself. Yesterday, Toby and Tucker were joined at the hip and Chance was off by himself. When I took Chance out on the trial, Toby kept calling for him. Last week, Tucker and Chance were a'frolicking all over the paddock.

Either I have a totally versatile compatible group, or these guys are just strangely independent/dependent personalities. At least they get along.

Better than lots of people I know.

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  1. maybe like people, they all need their own space every now and again?

    that sort of weather is total pants... hope you got the boy out in the arena!