Sunday, February 18, 2007

Success and Failure

With Stray Cats and Thoroughbreds

I am so digusted with myself. I decided to set the trap to catch Poppycat tonight. I figured I'd put him in the large cage inside the house in the sunroom where newly spayed Mommycat (Mitzi) is waiting until the deep freeze breaks.

All well and good. I put the food in the trap and withing a few minutes Poppy was trapped. Delightful. I picked up the trap and headed for the house.

Thud, thunk, the back door opened as I had apparently not tied it completely. Out he went, galloping madly for freedom towards the woods. Rats. I feel the fool.

And what's worse, now that he knows it's a trap, what are the odds I will be able to catch him again?

Not good.

I've put the trap near where I feed him with both ends open. If he ever shows up again to eat, I will put his food in the trap. If he wants it, he will have to go in. For now, though, he will have an escape route. It's going to take a lot of time, but eventually, I hope I can set the catch and get him.

I am a total idiot to not have made sure the escape door was secure. I am SO disappointed and angry with myself about this. I really want to get him neutered so there will be no more kittens born from him in the wild and his life will be better not having to roam about looking for lady friends. All I can say is, "Damn!!"

On the successful side, I got another ride in on Tucker. The ring was semi-passable, but it never did get as warm as yesterday so the footing was not great. I trotted a little bit, then gave up and decided to head out on the trail again.

This time, all was quiet--no ATV's. Tucker was quite bold and even tried a little trotting in the snow. He is quite easy to control and once we hit the rutted area, I brought him back to a nice walk. He did slip a little on a slight incline, but he kept his head and settled down to being very careful the rest of the way.

Then, on one little bit where the snow was nice, he offered another little trot--very slow, very cadenced and very much like passage. It was only about eight strides or so, but it felt absolutely lovely. Someday, I hope he will offer the same when I ask for it, and if he does, then I will know we have a shot of making it to Grand Prix.

Ah well. Dreams and nightmares all in one day. Wonder how far poor Poppy ran before he stopped?

Will I see him tomorrow? Ever?

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