Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Muck and Yuck

This is Getting Old

I took Toby out on the trail and rode back to where the trees were flooded. I has now been perhaps six months since the new warehouse infiltration basins were finished, stopping the warehouse runoff from crossing over into the Park.

The trees are still under water. Then I rode into the woods and discovered that the patch of trees there was also still flooded and the vernal pond is also still also connected to some of that overflow. This is a potential ecological disaster for all the frogs/amphibians that use that pond to breed. Vernal pools, by definition are created by natural rainfall and are supposed to dry up at some point each year. Otherwise, when waterfowl fly in to use them, they bring fish eggs from other waterbodies and the fish begin to breed in the pool--a consequence of the pool's being perpetually wet. The fish eat the amphibians' eggs killing off the breeding of the native population.

That particular pool/pond is usually filled with all kind of singing, chirping, frogs in the spring. I really hope it will not be a "silent" spring this year because of all that warehouse water.

But, enough of frogs. On to horses.

The "yuck" and the "muck" were on the trail. It was a good thing I took Toby out first because he is very sensible and cautious in bad footing. The thaw created a layer of very slippery mud even in the woodland paths. Toby soon figured out that if he edged over to the side wherever there was a good layer of leaves, he had much more solid footing. So, I generally let him pick the places he wanted to step except when it was so close to a tree that my knee would have been slammed. He was an angel about it all and we had a nice ride.

But, that ride clearly told me not to take either Tucker or Chance out as someone would have ended up falling. That meant tackling the yuck in the ring. Not slippery this time as the thaw is now deep enough to keep the clay from being a problem. But, there were puddles of water all over the place.

Mr. Idon'twanttogetsplashed attempted to weave his way between the puddles all around the ring. Let me tell you, Tucker is a very agile young man who can move his feet in all kinds of interesting patterns to avoid water. He also has an infinite variety of gaits within gaits to cope with "puddle avoidance."

Now, when I really insist that he go straight, I can certainly make him offer some fairly good work in a wet arena, but it is humorously entertaining just trying to figure out what he is doing when left to his own devices. He has a "tranter" (a trot/canter gait), a skip, a jump, and some very curious lateral moves. Wonder if any of them would be useful in a muscial freestyle? *G*

I ended out ride with a little mini-hack on the trail immediately behind the paddock, just kind of looping out and back. Since he seems to enjoy going out, I thought it was a nice little reward for trying so hard in such yucky conditions.

I didn't work Chance today, but if the predicted rain holds off until dark tomorrow, I will try to give him a bit of a school. It may be my best opportunity for another three or four days as the storm coming across the country this week is supposed to bring heavy rain, with flood warnings posted for much of our area. My ring can't take too much more, or we'll be swimming out there.

Guess I just have to wait to see what happens.


  1. that's given me a good giggle..... shame you didn't have him on video doing his puddle avoidance!

    molly and her ma are both like that! i do think these things are in the genes with horses!

  2. meant to ask, i noted your suggestion about an animal communicator.

    i know i've read loads of people's posts on ee about "readings" but i'm such a sceptic i can't help but think it's a load of bull ... i generally don't go for airy fairy/spiritual/blah stuff and can't see at all how this can be... same reason i don't "get" reiki, ,that everyone seems to think is so good...

  3. I could easily be a skeptic myself, but I have had too many verifiable experiences with my AC to be so.

    For one, I was working PJ and felt something "go wrong." When I took him back into the barn, I massaged his back behind the saddle. I had a consult with the AC lined up, so when I called her I asked. She said she would do a "body scan" of PJ. (She was 3000 miles away in California.)

    She told me PJ had some serious inflammation in his back right around the 12th or 13the thoracic vertabrae. I asked if that was where I had massaged him. She said, no. I had massaged him behind the saddle and this area was much more forward. (I had told her absolutely nothing except to ask what was wrong with PJ.) She also said he was having some pain in his left sacroilliac.

    A few days later, I had my chiropractic/acupuncture vet out. (He is a licensed medical vet.) I told him nothing. He examined PJ and said, "Wow, he's never been sore here before, right around the 12th or 13th thoracic vertebrae." After I caught my breath, I told him that was exactly what my AC had told me. He simply nodded and said, "What else did she say? I've had some pretty good information from communicators." I told him about the sacroilliac, and sure enough, PJ was "out" there as well.

    Too accurate for pure chance.

    I have more such stories I will save for another post.

  4. ah.

    well maybe i'll investigate.

    but it seems to me it's the sort of thing wide open to charlatans as well, and so many people get so emotionally caught up they don't stand back and look (not you i mean, i mean generally so i would want to investigate and find someone that was in fact what they said ).. this is the sort of thing one wants loads of smilies for.