Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Too Tired

And Lovely Warmth

It was close to 50f today. The fast melt has turned a lot of the ground to mud. I am going to have to decide about leaving MrLoseAShoe Tucker out. I hate this.

I had a bad day at school with some parent issues. My vice principal ended up handling things but I had to keep going back to my computer and grade books to produce all kinds of records. With that and another false alarm fire drill--someone claims the birds are setting off the alarms???--I lost all of my prep time so I got nothing done except teaching all my classes. Which would be fine if I didn't have a bunch of other things I needed to do.

By the time I got home, I was mentally wiped out, so I decided to forego the riding. It's probably just as well since the ring was really, really wet. Plenty of water and plenty of very soggy sand. It was, in essence, a very sloppy mess.

Since two light bulbs had burned out in the barn, I spent the time changing light bulbs. Now, to me, this is a big deal because I don't like heights and I don't like my shaky wooden stepladder at all. Combine all that with a at least 12' barn ceiling, and you have a very unhappy light bulb changer.

I am proud to say, I got both lights changed despite my shaking knees.

So, once more I can see out there at night. Yay!

Now I am off to church for the Ash Wednesday service. I sing in the choir, but am a little worried tonight because I seem to be in the cough/throat stages of a cold. I am fighting it, but I don't know at all if I can sing. Not so bad tonight as the music is a cinch, but Sunday we are doing a more difficult piece and I need to be able to do it well.

Just had a cup of Chinese medical tea, a decongestant, and an extra prayer. *G*


  1. i agree on not riding when the brain is fried... i find it's pointless, as nothing of any use gets done.

    jean, where did you put that post about beckbrook? think you'll have to do it again now ee's up properly again ...can't find it

  2. ps - maybe some new ladders would be a good investment? i know you've spent loads lately on other stuff, but no good us and you worrying about you falling off horse if you end up off the ladder...