Monday, February 05, 2007


Everything is Solid

The ground is like granite and there is ice everywhere the water lies.

I think today will be the worst with a bit of moderation towards the end of the week. But the weatherman is saying the cold will not break until around the 16th.

So, all is not conducive to much riding. While I can trailer out to an indoor, right now it's too darn cold! 16 degrees, 8 degrees at night? (-8 C, and -13 C for anyone out there.)

The boys have nice blankets and free access to the barn. My water trough has an electric heater, so that stays ice free. I have one of those coiled hoses I keep in the house, but I do worry that the barn water might freeze. If so, I have either an electric hair dryer or a heater to put by it.

I wanted to buy some heat tape to wrap the pipe, but the only stuff they had was a heating wire and you had to wrap the pipe in insulation too. Since the faucet has a leak everything would get wet and I don't know if that would be bad. I need to investigate a bit more.

Meanwhile, the truck went in for service to fix the heater fan. By the time it's done, it's going to cost me $400. Swell. Just what I needed, another bill.

It never ends.

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  1. ok, so we're not as cold as you.....