Thursday, February 22, 2007


Turns Out I Have a Cold

It's been two years, but I have a really miserable cold.

Sniffing and sneezing are one thing. Feeling like a limp dishrag and all achy is another.

Got where I am going?

I didn't do anything with the horses again.

To top it off, I am losing my voice. I managed to make it through the day teaching, including two periods of reading aloud for about 40 minutes each. I am not at all sure I will go in tomorrow, though. All I really feel like doing is cuddling up under a blanket so I can feel sorry for myself.

It this my blog, or my whine?

At least Tucker still had two shoes on when I got home. He is covered in mud and looks to be the only one who really had a good roll in the slop. Then again, I didn't look too carefully at the off sides of Toby or Chance when I fed them. They looked fine from the near side, at least. I am sure I am living a fool's paradise thinking they were clean.

I did rain for a spell today, so the ring is even sloppier than it was yesterday. Again, rideable, but messy. I will try to console myself with that thought. There will be better days to ride, when I feel better.

Soon, I hope.


  1. that accounts for you being too tired last night, and maybe you've been brewing it for a while, hence the migraines before?

  2. I think you're right, Claire. I've been fighting this thing off for a few weeks.

    I hope I can sing in church on Sunday. We have a tricky piece to do and it's kind of important for me to be there.