Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow, Thank Goodness

But Cold, Nonetheless

Well, we missed the rain and sleet.

The snow is only about 3-4 inches at the most, and even though we had a little freezing rain, it did not create the icing here I was worried about. The rest of the area may have gotten more of everything, but we lucked out.

School was closed, and rightly so because in the morning the roads were horrendous. This morning we have a one hour delayed opening as well. Another good move because the rush hour will not be pleasant.

The Boys fared well. They spent the most part of the precipitation under the run in shed on the west side of the barn out of the Nor'easter's winds. I'm glad I put the roof on that side when I added the extra stall to the barn. Before they used to hang out in the arena where there wind was blocked by some trees. This is much better protection, and they use it.

Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow before I go to school. The snow isn't particularly pretty, but it is snow. If I had my way, it would be the last snow of the season.

But then there is March. As I recall the worst snowstorms we have ever had have been in March.

Wish I hadn't said that.

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  1. jean ... see we've both been giving that victoria person a piece of our minds... i'm bubbling, and i'm not one of life's bubblers!

    as to the weather .. don't forget it's an odd winter.

    we've had our march gales already i think!!!!!!