Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow or No Snow?

Or Sleet or Rain?

Well, it's snowing now, and everytime I look at the forecast it changes.

I would be happier with snow than sleet and freezing rain. That worries me. I have already filled two water cans and have four more to go, paranoid that the power my go off and I will not have water for the horses.

I have drinking water in the house, and a gas fireplace to keep warm. With a gas stove to cook on, I am fine. But well water doesn't work here without a pump and the pump needs electricity. Losing power has always been a worry, but this time of year, having horses makes it a serious concern. I have plenty of feed and hay for the Boys, but water worries me.

I do have a generator, that, with a bit of coaxing, should work just fine, so my panic is not total.

But, if things ice over and the Boys are not safe out, then I need to keep them in their stalls. And then, I have to worry about the water buckets freezing up during the day when I'm not home.

I guess I have lived in the country too long. One of my fellow teachers at school was quite taken aback when I mentioned my concerns. A power outage had never even crossed her mind.

It's not as if I am miles from civilization, it's just that country folk sense of self-reliance at work. If I can't take care of my own place, then I am some kind of failure. Thus, the cupboard is full, and all the water cans soon will be.

Now, the best gift of all would be for Mother Nature to change her mind and head the storm far out to sea.

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  1. townies never get it, do they?

    go see if you can get on to ee....