Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh Well....

...Not Quite, But Getting Better

I felt awful this morning. Even feeding the Boys was a chore.

I stayed home from school and spent virtually the entire day in crash on the couch mode. Good thing. There was no way I could have taught a class today. I hope my kids were good for the substitute, but I was too miserable to think about it much.

Needless to say, I didn't ride. I'm not sure if I had been well that it would have made a difference. It was cold and windy all day. The temperature was supposed to be above freezing, but the wind was really strong. By early afternoon I managed to go back out and change the Boys out of their sheets and back into their winter blankets. I don't know if they were cold, but I felt better knowing they were more warmly dressed.

Plenty of hay for them is also the key in this kind of weather. At this rate I will go through my new load pretty fast, but it's too important to the horses to worry about the extra expense. As long as they keep cleaning it up, I'll keep putting it out for them.

Tomorrow may be a little better weatherwise, but there may be another storm coming in from the West by Sunday. It looks like a similar pattern to the last one that hit us. Once more a front from the West and something else coming up from the South. Again, they don't know if it will be rain, freezing rain, snow, or some kind of combination. I still have the water containers full, so I am about as prepared as I can be.

I'll say it again, Spring must be on its way sooner or later. Wish it were sooner, but it looks as if winter intends to hang around for a bit longer.

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  1. but look at it this way, when we're whinging about the c*** summer we'll have, you'll be basking in heat...

    hope that cold gets better soon....