Friday, February 16, 2007

Boys in the Snow

And a Little Rant

This a a picture taken of my road and the lake/sandpit across the way. Just figured it was time to post a winter shot to spruce up the blog.

First the rant. I have in Internet friend who had a lovely big horse named Tetley. Due to some soundness problems he had that required flat land instead of the hills where her farm was, she wisely decided to get him a new home. All seemed well when she placed him in a beautiful facility. (This is all in Great Britain, by the way.)

To her horror and mine, she discovered this week that her beloved Tetley had been dreadfully starved. She has managed through the dedicated work of her husband, to get Tetley safely back home where, I pray, he will recover.

I am beside myself about this. I know my friend cares deeply for her horses. I have shed many tears as I have followed this terrible story. I can only hope the person responsible for this crime will be punished as she deserves. In the meantime, Tetley and his "mom" are in my prayers and I am sending all the moral support I can.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, The Boys are fat and sassy and not being ridden. I have a picture of them in the paddock by the barn. Toby is the only one who did not destroy his lovely silver blanket. As you can see, the other two rebrobates are dressed in different outfits for the duration. The color is not true as the sunglare off the snow tricked the camera. Toby in the silver is at least as chestnut as Chance with the white face.

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  1. it occurs to me, jean, how many others will pick this up about tetley - we've both blogged it and we've both got loads of lurkers no doubt (i know I have, i check statcounter every now and again!)

    I was surprised she hadn't taken her blog down....