Saturday, February 03, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, Sort Of

I managed a ride yesterday.

The ground was thawed and it was starting to sleet, but it was my only chance to practice my new found skills.

Tucker was a bit slow on the upswing, but once we got going he was very forward. I rode in the Ansur Classic which encourages a bit more correctness for my leg and found it fairly easy to hold myself in what I think is the proper position.

My elbows at my side and the elegant upper body posture are another matter and something I really need to concentrate on.

Since Tuck's posture was a little "up" I had to work a bit as well to keep in in the level stretch but when he was there, his trot was exceptional. I'll have to ride a few more times to see if his foward, soft stride is really going to be as easy to get as it was or if he was just in his own "forward" mood.

Either way, I was quite pleased.

I did find myself being bounced a little on some of the transitions down and some of my "ups" were pretty darn sloppy as well. But, I wasn't asking for much frame or much contact, and I didn't have my spurs on, so Tucker's responses were not quite as quick as they usually are.

Besides, I was focusing more on me and what effect my position and seat were having on him rather than expecting him to be perfect.

So far, so good.

And so far, too darn cold for most of the rest of the week to expect to get in the saddle. Temperatures are barely above freezing today--hoping the sun will be warm enough to melt some of the sleet cover--and by Monday, the high is only supposed to be about 20 degrees f. Worse yet, I think there is a wind coming with the Arctic air.

I will be taking the truck in for service Monday. The heater fan is not working. 4500 miles on the truck, waranty expired on things like that, and the fan doesn't work? I'm hoping it's something stuck in there like a squirrel's nest or something. Otherwise....I need an emoticon for flying away dollar bills. *sigh*

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  1. we'll be riding inthe frost this week, odd our weather is mirroring yours/vice versa. although i expect our won't be nearly as cold!