Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter Musing

Cold, Cold, Frozen

And I didn't ride again.

Needless to say, the footing was not good. However, it is supposed to get a bit warmer during the week, so the ring will probably thaw enough so I can to some work. I am riding in the Patrice Edwards clinic on Tuesday the 30th, so I do need to get some riding in between now and then.

Meanwhile, the Boys are all snuggy in their new insulated blankets--kind of a silver gray in color. So far they are still clean since the mud is frozen, and everyone looks quite dapper.

The barn faucet finally froze, but I used an electric heating pad to get rid of the ice plug at the nozzle, and all was well. I was thinking of getting some heat tape to wrap it in, but never got around to it. Guess that's another project for this week.

Funny how the work just seems to keep going no matter what the weather. Little chores take on a life of their own in the winter, often more than you plan for.

Last night, for example, the Boys got into the main aisle of the barn and trashed things. My fault for leaving Chance's inside stall gate open. I went out to find three horses happily hanging out in the aisle surrounded by sheets, piles of manure and tipped over garbage can. At least they were nice and cozy, getting along well, and very protected from the wind. Can't say that I blamed them but by the time I had the chance to clean it all up, the manure had frozen to the floor mats.

Then, of course, when I finally got the water running, I overfilled a bucket and spilled that all over the aisle. Which, in turn required me to use some of Toby's old bedding to soak it up so it wouldn't freeze into a skating pond.


Somehow that's just the way things go in the winter.


  1. oh dear... you're having it much worse than us now...

    ice rink is not good!

  2. what i said... the time of year means they get a lot less than we want. but on the other hand, we can go home earlier and get dinner at a sensible hour and chill out/renew some batteries. Don't know about you, i find winter exceedingly tiring, what with the dark and having to get up an hour or so earlier!