Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New One

Both Shoes???

Well, Tucker has done it now. Somehow he managed to pull off both front shoes.

I will talk to my shoer about the possibility of leaving him barefoot, but I don't think that will go. We have had a serious crack in his one hoof and I am not sure it would be strong enough. Also, I have a clinic on January 29, and I doubt he would be OK for that.

If I had known the winter was going to be warm, muddy, and soggy, I MIGHT have considered trying barefoot early on, as we did pull the back shoes, but I doubt he would stay sound if the ground were frozen and hard.

The problem now is that I may have to leave him in every time it gets wet and right now, that is most of the time. It just isn't fair to any horse to be stuck inside all the time. I will just have to figure out something.

I took Chance out for a short trail ride after I stripped and rebedded Tucker's stall. He was, as always a good boy. I do think I need to take him on a different track, just for variety, but for now this was fine.

Needless to say, the footing everywhere is pretty wet. My ring holds up well as far as slipping goes, but it has several patches of puddles. It's OK to ride in except when it has rained a lot and the base below the sand gets so staturated that the horse's hooves cut down into the clay. I just don't like to cut it up too much when it's that wet. Unfortunately, it looks like more rain tomorrow will lead it to that extreme.

Then, it's supposed to get cold again. If so, I am headed for ice. I think what I will do is drag the ring over twice tomorrow, hoping to level it out and get some of the water off. If it freezes then, I might still be able to use it a little--at least for walking.

Nothing like a wet winter to put a crimp in every plan. *sigh*

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  1. hope you don't get any of that ice storm ... euch. we don't get them here, i suppose it's to do with the size of the continent you're on...