Saturday, January 13, 2007

Soggy Saturday

Wet Three Day Weekend

So, I have Monday off due to Martin Luther King's Birthday, a national holiday, and it's supposed to rain.

Naturally. The week was chilly but dry, enough to get my ring into really good shape just in time for a bout of three days of rain.

This morning did not look too bad with peeks of sunshine, but I had a chiropractor's appointment. By the time I came home, the spitty spotty rain had started. I had a few chores to do inside, finished up, and went out to ride Tucker.

He was on "spook at the woods" mode when we started. I have no idea why unless there had been hunters out there earlier. I do know the area by the gate leading into the park was stacked with cars and trucks this morning. Perhaps there had been some activity out there--or perhaps not.

Tucker likes to find things to spook at--the blue plastic barrel, for instance. He was probably the one who rolled the barrel to its present spot by the arena fence. Chance may have "helped" but it is usually a Tucker activity. So, now that the barrel is there, it is certainly worth a spook.

Ah well. We did manage to get some nice work in. The lateral work was lovely, and once we got going, the canter was good. I managed a few collected strides here and there as preps for the downward transitions. All in all, it was well worth the soggy effort it took to saddle up and ride.

Chance's former owner, Lauranne, sent me some pictures of Chance as a baby. He was and is so cute!

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  1. that last picture of chance, i'd also be interested to see the rest of the foal with the coloured bum ... an interesting pattern would be revealed, i expect!!