Friday, January 19, 2007

Wind on the Way

But Sunny Skies

Typical. The weekend weather is going to stink. Windy and cold on Saturday, and cold again on Sunday. Monday and beyond promise moderating temperatures.

So. I long lined Tucker again tonight after he spent the soggy ground day inside to keep his feet and shoes protected. He was as good as gold. He never ceases to surprise me. When he stays in, he does not seem to build up energy and act all silly when he finally gets out.

Of course, I could be living in a fool's paradise about this.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy it.

Chance was all snuggled up in his stall last night when I went out for late feed. Both he and Tucker are always ready for a nice nap. Toby lies down to sleep too, but I think the younger boys are more prone to be prone.

I didn't work either Chance or Toby again. I had to change the trailer plug on my truck so I can trailer Kelly to her lesson tomorrow. That turned into a bigger job than it should have been as I could not figure out how to get the old plug disconnected because of the clip holding it in.

I had to call Kelly's dad to come by to help me out. Then, once we got the plug replaced, we decided to hitch up to save me the trouble in the morning. The lights worked OK, with a little feedback when all the lights were on, but that might have been some dampness from the cleaner I used to polish up the trailer plug. Then, when we hooked up the equalizer bars, the spring holding one of them to the hitch kept slipping out of position. This necessitated another 20 minutes of special rigging to hold it in.

Once more, a job that should have taken a half hour consumed at least twice that. I was hoping to get back to school for the senior performing arts students' showcase performances. Guess I will have to go tomorrow night instead.

Never try to plan ahead when you have horses. Something connected with them will always consume every spare minute and leave you in the lurch.

Wind is picking up. Nothing like the rest of world has suffered over the last few days, but enough to put a crimp in most of outdoor activities.

Then again, if the ground dries out a bit as it freezes up, Tucker is good to go out.

And that, after all, is always a good thing.

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