Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Tractor

It Does Prefer Diesel

Yes, I accidentally put gas in the tractor. It only ran for about a half minute before it stalled, so there was no damage.

A grand repairman was here when I got home from school. He drained the tank and the lines. I had to go get a fresh can of fuel, but that was OK, since I was sure this time I had diesel.

My little tractor is now happy and snug back under the run-in roof, ready, willing, and able to handle all my little chores--and snow should we get some.

If you look carefully, you can see it smiling.


  1. happy tractor but not a happy purse i guess (another englishism.... what you call a purse, we call handbag, so what do you call what we call a purse?)

  2. I guess a purse would be a wallet. OR, in a more general term that fits the comment, "Not a happy pocketbook." Funny how the language changes as it crosses the ocean. (pond)