Friday, January 05, 2007

Either One or the Other

Two Days Down

And not in the saddle again.

Thursday was a leftover migraine headache, again triggered by my neck. Darned if I can figure out what throws it out of whack, but I was sidelined until I made two visits to the chiropractor. Thank heavens that works!

Today, Friday, it rained again. Not exactly good for much riding outdoors. Times like this I do miss the indoor arenas I had at two different boarding stables, but perhaps being forced to take time off now and then mellows the whole riding process.

I finally got the lightweight sheets for everyone. There was an order mix up as it turned out. The did not have my order for the other 78" one for Toby, just the 72" one for Chance. The orange in the larger size was in, but not the smaller. So I changed things up a bit. I got a neo yellow sheet for Chance in the 72" and ordered an orange in 74" for him when that comes in. They shipped them right out so I now have two orange horses and one yellow one. Kind of cute citrus collection.

However, tomorrow, it is almost certain I will have three naked horses again. Already the temperature is up to around 60 degrees, and Saturday it may well get up to 70! And this is January! We haven't had any real winter weather yet. Next week the temperature is supposed to go back down into the 40's so I guess I'd better enjoy the shirtsleeves on the weekend.

I don't mind the colder weather as long as my footing doesn't freeze solid. Or at least if it thaws out during the day. Trails are OK when it's frozen, but I need daylight for them. Right now, I can get one trail ride in before dark. The days will get longer pretty quickly, so eventually, I will be able to get two short trail rides in. Or, if the ring thaws during the day, a decent school before it freezes up again. Kind of a poker game of riding.

Hopefully I'll have a handful of aces on the weekend.

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  1. clearly you're not going to have winter. I don't think that's a good thing ... we're the same here, what winter?

    i'm planning on pruning the apple trees this weekend anyway, before they decide to start growing! now watch it rain now i've said that...