Monday, May 02, 2011

Stunning News

Up Nearly All Night
I fell asleep on the couch last night with the TV on, only to be awakened by the stunning news that Osama Bin Laden was dead.

I am not one to rejoice at the death of any man, even the most evil of men liked him who could mastermind the destruction of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon, and the horrific end of Flight 93.  As a terrorist leader, Bin Laden was responsible for the death of thousands of people who had no defense and no expectation whatsoever that they were targets for his hate.

But, as corrupt as he was in my eyes, in his own vision, he was a defender of his faith and political beliefs. I cannot help but think his extremism was far from normal, and certainly inhuman.  I condemn his actions, but his death still is a tragic end.  How dreadfully sad for the world that we cannot find better ways to end hatred.

Violence and terrorism are horrible results of a world which has somehow lost its soul. Desperate madmen have resorted to murder and destruction time and time again throughout history in order to fight for their misguided beliefs.  One of the worse consequences is that the rational world is forced to almost the same tactics in order to stop them.

I do not grieve that Osama Bin Laden is dead. He does not deserve my sorrow. I do grieve for the world he forced upon us. We should be able to be better than that.

And so, I offer a prayer for my country, for the brave soldiers who raided the compound, our leaders, and for the world itself. May we all somehow find a way to live together without hate.


  1. The news brought back memories of how we felt during those days and weeks following the attack on the Twin Towers.
    I wondered at the youth of the crowds gathering at the White House and at Ground Zero. Many were still in childhood when this began. Were they raised on stories of this?

  2. the trouble is, of course, that he will be seen as a martyr now, and there'll be more plans for more horrors by those who supported him...

  3. I can't say I'm sorry he is dead. I agree with Claire that there may be more attacks now that he is dead and probably will be considered a martyr by his misguided followers.

  4. Beautiful post Jean. You express my feelings. I cannot rejoice in the death of another human being as evil as he was. I found disturbing the FB comments of people saying it was a good thing.

    I join you in your prayer.

    But I also thought, what a perfrct timing for the election???

  5. Very well written Jean. I am in complete agreement with all you've expressed. As mysterious as horses sometimes are, they are an order of magnitude easier to understand than people and oh so much more rational.